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Women's black leather biker jacket with classic snap collar

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  1. Check out the new video about Biker Boots for Women - and let us know what you think! 

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  3. Are you confused by the many options available for leather motorcycle jackets? Don't know how to select the right size for you?

    Even though it isn't rocket science, you need to follow these guidelines to select a motorcycle jacket that suits you:

    1. Define the style that you are looking for.

    • The classic biker style - with lots of zippered pockets, snaps and a belt on the bottom. I like to call it the “Fonzie look.”
    • The racer style jacket – with padded shoulders and elbows, tight cuffs and a waist band for less wind drag.
    • The touring style jacket – designed for long distance travel and more comfort.

    2. The jacket should be manufactured of high-quality leather.

    High-quality leather is important so that your jacket withstands:

    • Wear from the sun – low-quality leather often breaks down quickly under intense heat from the sun 
    • The occasional rain – it can help you to avoid getting soaked in water...especially when riding 55 mph (which can really hurt)

    3. Know your chest and shoulder size.

    Your jacket should:

    • Fit properly. It should be snug enough not to catch excessive wind (or wind drag). Wind drag can cause loss of control especially at higher speeds. 
    • Fit comfortably. You must be able to move your arms, elbows and shoulders freely for proper control of your bike. 

    We hope that this helps to make your purchasing decision easier.

    Enjoy your shopping experience and ride safely!

  4. Are you confused by the vast array of options available for your motorcycle?

    Here are some guidelines that you can use for selecting motorcycle merchandise. By the way, we look for these characteristics when screening merchandise for our online motorcycle store for women.


    • Ability to move your feet and legs to operate the clutch and brake pedals with minimal effort. 
    •  Protection for your ankles to keep you safe from road hazards 
    • Excellent traction when you are standing and backing up your bike 
    • Proper footing and ankle security from debris 
    • Proper balance 

    Jackets, vests, chaps and pants

    • Top-grade leather 
    • Top-notch stitching and quality 
    • Maximum comfort for you 
    • Enough flexibility so that you have maximum mobility and control over your bike 

    Leather tops, shorts, bikinis, bags, purses, jewelry and gloves

    • Top-grade leather 
    • Top-notch quality and durability 

    Halter tops, denim tops, jewelry, custom helmets and other products

    • Excellent quality materials 
    • Built to last 

    Other guidelines used for all merchandise

    • Is of high quality, safe, and functional 
    • Strong, durable, comfortable, mobile and stylish. 
    • LOTS of style
  5. Motorcycle boots are needed for safety


    Motorcycle boots are needed for safety. Motorcycle boots and motorcycle apparel are needed on the feet and body of a woman rider for their protection. Without these serious damage can occur.

    It is scary how many women will get on their motorcycle without the proper motorcycle boots and motorcycle apparel on. Women that jump on their motorcycles or on the back of a friends bike, wearing nothing but shorts, a tank top and a pair of flip flops. That is just crazy.

    The proper women’s motorcycle gear and motorcycle boots should be worn every time you go for a motorcycle ride.  Statistics show that women have the fastest rising motorcycle injury and fatality rate between men and women riders. Partly because more and more women are riding motorcycles, women are getting motorcycles that they cannot handle and women riders are not wearing the proper motorcycle apparel.

    Motorcycle boots will protect your feet… Just think for one second. Imagine a belt sander with 50 grit sandpaper on it. You wouldn’t place your hand on it while it was turned on, would you?  Why? Because it would grind the flesh right off your hand, right? Well then why would anybody jump on a motorcycle wearing just a pair of flip flops and drive down the road at any speed, and not expect to lose a few pounds of flesh should a mishap occur? Listen up ladies, motorcycle boots are needed for safety.

  6. One day, when riding my bike, I saw a female motorcyclist who was a great example of what NOT to wear when riding. Her poor clothing choice and desire to be “cool” caused her to have a bad accident.

    First, she pulled alongside me at the stop light. I glanced at her, and could not miss the spectacle of her red clothes combined with the red motorcycle. A little gaudy, but that was not the big problem. A closer look revealed what really concerned me: those 6” stiletto heeled, knee-high, red boots that she was wearing. I'm not kidding.

    The boots had no stability with that heel. She had no support for her ankles due to the material used. You could see her ankle ready to fold just holding the bike upright. Yes...this type of boot may have its place in the world but, it is not for operating a motorcycle.

    After the light turned green, she took off, wheels squealing, as if she was in a race. I just shook my head and wondered what could happen if she hit a large crack in the road with those unwieldy boots on!

    A few miles down the road, what I had feared appeared to have come to pass. I saw her on the side of the road, yelling at herself. Fortunately, she was not seriously hurt, but she had broken her heel exactly the way I had feared. It was quite clear that her boot was the culprit.

    Shortly after, we parked her bike and headed straight for a boot dealer just down the street. There, she purchased a new pair of women's biker boots, (red of course). Don't let this happen to you! Selecting the right heel height and thickness for your motorcycle boots can help prevent this problem. I recommend a platform style of women's biker boots with a 4” or less heel that can give you much more balance...yet still maintaining a sex appeal.

  7. When selecting boots for your next ride, keep in mind the following 3 factors:  


    Make sure that the boots support your ankle and that your shin and foot fit snug in the boots to ensure that they are safe.


    When riding a motorcycle, it is the operator's job to stay in control of the bike and keep it centered.  The passenger's job is to stay on the bike.  (Just kidding....a little biker humor here)

    To achieve a proper balance, you must select a good boot that has a nice, sturdy make to it, along with a lower heel.


    When selecting biker boots and other apparel, make sure that you can move your feet and legs to operate the brake, and can operate the clutch pedals with ease.

    Also, be sure you have a firm footing on the ground when stopped, and enough grip to push your bike with your feet and legs when on the machine – especially when backing or parking.  To sum it up, make sure that your boots have safety, balance and functionality incorporated into them.

  8. Thanks for visiting the blog, your one-stop shop for sexy, high-quality leather motorcycle apparel for avid female motorcycling enthusiasts! We will be providing you with tips on how to select the right motorcycle apparel, how to be safe on the road, and much more.

    We will also be sharing interesting stories from our own stay tuned!

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