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Motorcycle boots are needed for safety


Motorcycle boots are needed for safety. Motorcycle boots and motorcycle apparel are needed on the feet and body of a woman rider for their protection. Without these serious damage can occur.

It is scary how many women will get on their motorcycle without the proper motorcycle boots and motorcycle apparel on. Women that jump on their motorcycles or on the back of a friends bike, wearing nothing but shorts, a tank top and a pair of flip flops. That is just crazy.

The proper women’s motorcycle gear and motorcycle boots should be worn every time you go for a motorcycle ride.  Statistics show that women have the fastest rising motorcycle injury and fatality rate between men and women riders. Partly because more and more women are riding motorcycles, women are getting motorcycles that they cannot handle and women riders are not wearing the proper motorcycle apparel.

Motorcycle boots will protect your feet… Just think for one second. Imagine a belt sander with 50 grit sandpaper on it. You wouldn’t place your hand on it while it was turned on, would you?  Why? Because it would grind the flesh right off your hand, right? Well then why would anybody jump on a motorcycle wearing just a pair of flip flops and drive down the road at any speed, and not expect to lose a few pounds of flesh should a mishap occur? Listen up ladies, motorcycle boots are needed for safety.

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